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Alice is a quiet, disturbed and beautiful girl. She has run away from her home in England, to escape her violent step-father but abandoning her sick mother. We find her hiding in an isolated village in Japan, haunted by the Monsters of her past. Alice meets Jake, a traveling business man who is immediately attracted to her, but she is too shy and untrusting to speak to him.


Alice’s half-sister, Zoe, arrives in the village and delivers the earth-shattering news that Alice’s mother is dying. Zoe begs Alice to come home with her on a flight that leaves from Tokyo in four nights.


She's conflicted, Alice’s heart tells her she has to go home but her head tells her she can’t. She bumps into Jake again and he tells her he’s going to Tokyo and if she ever finds herself there to give him a call. That night while Alice sleeps a Monster appears outside her hotel, breaks into her room and drags her away into the wilderness. 


She wakes up in the middle of nowhere completely alone except for the Monster who is watching her through the trees... she runs... he follows. She struggles across the landscape trying to escape the Monster but no matter where she goes... he is there. When she can’t go on, exhausted, empty and begging to go home the Monster finally catches her. But he doesn’t hurt her... he carries her.


When she finally faces the Monster and looks into his eyes she realises this Monstrous thing is her greatest strength. They complete each other. Yin and Yang.


The Monster shows Alice the way to Tokyo and when she arrives she tries to call Zoe, but there’s no answer. Alice not knowing anyone else in Tokyo calls Jake. The horrors of history have a habit of repeating and Jake turns out to be a Monster just like her step-father. Jake drugs Alice and drags her back to his hotel room. But as he begins to undress Alice... Jake meets a real MONSTER.

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‘To Tokyo’ is Florence’s feature debut, she is a well known model in the British fashion industry, having worked for brands such as Burberry, Dior and British Vogue. 

Training at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama and The Met Film School, she's appeared in ‘Doctors’ for the BBC and a number of short films, including ‘Husk’, which scored her a nomination for ‘Best Practitioner Under 25’ at the BAFTA qualifying Underwire Film Festival. 'The Otherworld’, Florence's first film that she's written, directed and acted in, won ‘Best British Short’ at the London Independent Film Awards 2017. 

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Emily began acting professionally at 14 before training at East 15 and The Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute.

Her theatrical credits include; ‘4.48 Psychosis’ by Sarah Kane, ‘Dying City’ by Christopher Shinn, ‘Mercury Fur’ by Philip Ridley and ‘BFF’ by Anna Ziegler.

Film and TV credits include BAFTA Nominated short 

‘Ralph',  feature films 

‘Adrift in Soho’ and ‘The Hand of The Creator’ and her first project as a writer/ actor/ director the DTLA Film Festival award winning web series, ‘Frankie & Emma’.

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Luke Edward Smith is an actor from Sydney, Australia. He has worked extensively in theatre internationally and is based in New York, playing lead roles in The Private Ear, Picnic on the Battlefield, Hamlet, The Bald Prima Donna and many others. He has also worked in film, and can be seen in the soon to be released Slate Your Name.

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To Tokyo is Caspar's feature film debut. The film has enjoyed a very successful festival run screening in over twenty festivals around the world and winning; 

Best Cinematography at Creation International Film Festival and Unrestricted View Film Festival,

Award for Excellence in Acting and Best Editing at Creation International Film Festival,

Best in Fest at Defy Film festival, Best Feature Film, Best Female Performance and Best Fantasy Film at Shiver Film Festival.

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Trevor Jones has composed over a hundred projects for film and television.

They include, ‘Excalibur’, ‘The Dark Crystal’, ‘Last of the Mohicans’ , ‘Richard III’, ‘Brassed Off’, ‘Dark City’ and ‘Notting Hill’. 

He has collaborated with David Bowie, Sting, U2 and many others and has been nominated for two Golden Globes and three BAFTA's.

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